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Future proof your business by nurturing your leads.

Often, we get stuck in the cycle of working reactively. Constantly hustling and grinding because we have an inconsistent or unknown pipeline, listing volume, sales, and revenue.

BUT there is a way to move your way out of that model of operation and into a business that attracts consistent, repeat and referral business. One that helps you future proof your business and moves you right out of operating in chaos.

Where do we start?

First things first. Shift your mindset. You operate a business within a business. It’s time to level up and plan out your own operating strategy. Once that helps you build your own Celebrity Profile and build revenue for your business.

All leads that come into your business are or can be of value. Did you know that 51% of marketers need 5 or more touchpoints to convert a client? (Source – Demand Gen Research)

So that buyer that sent an email enquiry and you never heard of again could have been on touchpoint #1. Yet they could have been observing your listings on the portals and seeing you on social media but not actively engaging. There is so much potential here!

No matter where they derive from, you need to have a lead nurturing process in place. Setting up a system gives you the opportunity to find your edge in the marketplace, stand out from your competitors, list more properties AND get paid a higher commission rate.

You should be using all the tools in your tool kit to communicate and build relationships. Think things like - making calls, using videos + SMS to communicate, delivering handwritten notes, letters, social media, emails, E-newsletters, content marketing, automated marketing campaigns and retargeting digital ads.

Here are 10 tactics I use to nurture my leads:

  1. Understand each Lead – know where they come from and what they are enquiring about.

  2. Score each Lead – so you can allocate them to different communication funnels – i.e. are they are a buyer or seller. You can get micro here and break them down into what type of property, budget, and more.

  3. Add to your Database

  4. Add to your Social Media Accounts

  5. Personally call or email them and intro yourself/discuss their enquiry.

  6. With approval, send them your weekly email newsletters

  7. Leverage your Listings + Results by contacting all the relevant people on your database about any new, relevant listings before it hits the market, goes under contract and when it sells.

  8. Make regular VALUABLE contact with these people via Calls + Texts + Emails + Letters. The key here is VALUE. Make sure that the information you supply them with is of benefit to them.

  9. Create engaging content on your Social Media Accounts. Here you can mass engage and inform your potential buyers and sellers.

  10. Retarget with Digital Ads once they’ve visited a listing, engaged with your social media, signed up to your e-newsletter. The opportunities are endless here!

If you’d like more information and want to access my 51-Point Listing to Sold Checklist that you can use for every property, you can download it FREE, here.

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