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From Chaos to Control: Building Your Ideal Week in the Real Estate World.

Real estate is a reactive industry, it’s very easy to find yourself in a position where you are being dragged through the week responding to task after task. You might be busy but is it productive busy?


If you’re not ticking off the dollar productive tasks in amongst the running around, you’re not moving the needle forward on your business and you’re operating in chaos.


But don’t worry, there’s a solution…

Designing an ideal week involves strategically planning dollar-productive tasks to align with your goals as your priorities. These are the items you need to schedule out and ensure that you are completing them, so you move towards your goals.


 It's crucial to incorporate flexibility for unexpected deals, negotiations, listings, appointments, and time-sensitive deadlines. This structured approach holds you accountable and safeguards your time.


Mastering the art of designing your ideal week, emphasising dollar-productive tasks, is essential in achieving your goals through prioritising your workload.


Knowing how to prioritise your work affects the success of your business.​


In the real estate industry, you must focus your attention on any activity that will earn income. ​So when you are scheduling times into your week here are the key activities to focus on in order of priority:

1.     Sales​

2.     Listings​

3.     Current sellers​

4.     Pipeline sellers​

5.     Prospecting ​

6.     Hot buyers​

7.     Activities and tasks


Remember working with your ideal week is a habit you must form. Some weeks you’ll nail it, others will be a bit less structured. But keep up with the consistency (if you need to refine it to make it work better then do!) and you’ll be well on the way to making it habitual.


Establishing positive habits enables you to shift away from constant hustling and will empower you to systematically achieve your goals!

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