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Empowering women in real estate.

In 2015, an idea started to evolve.

I could see that within our industry we had a lot of incredible women within the industry that were achieving amazing things.

I wanted to create something that celebrated and encouraged others to reach for the stars.

I wanted to help empower women in real estate.

I wanted to showcase more female voices and role models for women in the real estate industry.

I wanted to provide them with a platform where they could connect with other high performing individuals.

I wanted to provide support and inspiration to assist women looking for ways to break from traditional roles in the industry.

As passionate as I am about advocating women in our industry I also wanted to include men in the discussion.

Those men who assist in creating opportunities, roles and new flexible working environments for working women. Those that support change.

I wanted to create a platform where we could celebrate those champions of change. BOTH male and female.

I believe if we all work together, we can create something pretty incredible!

That is why I founded the Women in Real Estate & Champions of Change Business Breakfast Series. A platform where we could find inspiration and create change.

Each and every year this event has run it's gotten bigger, better and fiercer. In the last year alone, we've doubled in size. We now have 32 real estate superstars taking to the stage, including two phenomenal international guests.

So Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. I'd love to see you join us at this year's series. I believe together, we can all bring about change.

You can purchase your tickets here:

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