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Drivers of the great reboot of the Real Estate industry.

There is always the stereotype image of a real estate agent that circulates in the public arena.

The one where our whole purpose revolves around the materialistic – Fast cars, expensive clothes, watches and wine collections.

It’s a stereotype that doesn’t sit well with me at all.

We work HARD. Most agents that I know and work with, do it to be service providers. There is a financial benefit to the long hours and negotiations we work to pull together but the agents that I know are high performing agents aren’t all about owning the same car as Kim Kardashian, they are all about how their wins can not only help them and their family but give back to the community that supports them.

Most agents I know entered the real estate industry because they had a negative experience. They saw an opportunity for real change and where they felt they could create a positive impact.

They see that our roles are one of service. We are here to help people on their property journey and through often one of the most difficult transitions in their lives.

Today, we have a professional responsibility to give back to our community.

Whether it is the direct community that we work in, that use our services to sell and buy property and pay our bills.


Helping communities that are in real need.

Take Zali Reynolds for example. Zali’s agency, Shelter Real Estate, builds a house in Cambodia for those in need for every three sales that her agency makes. The impact that she has on their lives and the opportunities that she helps provide their communities are priceless.

Or Kathryn Hall, from Kathryn Hall Agency in Sydney. She supports women in Nepal by selling crafted handmade earrings (I have several of these and buy them as gifts for people and they are INCREDIBLE!). There have been plenty of studies that have shown that by supporting female-led initiatives helps break the poverty cycle in these communities.

Bringing things closer to home, Nicole Hintz from LJ Hooker Ormeau, in highly involved in her own community. Pre-covid and the restrictions that have been applied, she’s provided her community with thousands of flags for their community Australia Day celebrations, and she has for the past decade.

No matter how big or small, worldwide or local, giving back to your community and being able to better the lives of the people around you is something we should all be implementing into our lives.

Offer your services to your community, donate to school fates, offer your time to act as an auctioneer to raise money, or use your contact list to benefit local events or dream big.

Let’s not let this minority who do perpetuate this notion continue to make the noise in the media and market. Let’s work together to change society’s view of what and how a real estate agent looks and acts.

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