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Carving out your niche as a real estate agent.

In today’s marketplace, our services can be more easily mimicked in terms of their offered benefits and attributes. It can be hard to stand out from the ‘sea of sameness’ in our industry.

So, how can we make a distinction between what you can offer to the market and how you can create a competitive edge?

It’s about focusing on the unique qualities that set you apart and then using them strategically to show people your value!

The first step is distinguishing the real from the person you think an agent should be. Be authentic in your market, create the brand you.

Think of it this way, why would clients use you or swap to you if you are the same as others? How are you making yourself memorable? Do you have a trademark visual look or is there some that you provide as part of your service that no one else offers?

Every interaction that you have with sellers (and buyers!) you should be making an impact. Nailing the way that you greet people and make them feel when they are around is how you create heart to heart connections with them and build amazing relationships.

It’s also important to provide the same level of service to your buyers that you do to your sellers. Make them feel like they matter because they do! Take a genuine interest in them and what they are looking for and then provide them with valuable information they can’t find online in real-time to help them with their search.

When you pinpoint how you are different to other agents, you can use this information in every part of your business to help you stand out from the crowd.

Use it as part of your pitch, tell your story and be authentic. Think about your place of work as well. There is a reason why you are working for your agency, over and above the services they offer, so tell them!

You can use your unique qualities in your marketing as well. This can be done by customising your own campaigns (within your agency's guidelines) across your:

Property marketing – VPA, Print, Advertising on social media, Photos/floorplans/videos, personalised letters.

Personal marketing – profile video, pre-listing video, market reports, personal advertising, social media.

By differentiating your product, service, personnel or brand, you can establish a unique position in your market, make yourself memorable, build a celebrity profile and stand out in a ferocious market!

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