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Building wealth, legacy & an exit strategy.

You’ve worked HARD and have been so motivated to build your business to the level that you’ve achieved. But once you’ve reached all your goals, what’s next?

We are so extremely lucky in our industry as real estate provides us with the opportunity where we are in control of how much we earn depending on our own personal and business goals. It’s an industry that provides us with the flexibility to choose. With that comes the responsibility of how we chose to spend, invest and build our income and how we set ourselves up for the future.

Once you’ve set up and got your business rolling it’s time to focus on building wealth, a legacy and an exit strategy.

Two major driving factors behind building a business are creating wealth and freedom. Both of these factors look different for each individual – whether it be money in the bank, asset rich, building a residual income, bringing in new business partners. It’s up to you to define and refine what each of those factors means and looks like to you so that you can set and action appropriate goals around each. Your goals should also ensure that they are equally focused on. What is wealth without the freedom to enjoy it and vice versa!

Building a legacy can often be a confusing concept. We all want to leave a lasting impact on the lives of our families, friends, and others in our circle of influence, it’s defining what type of legacy that you want to pass forward.

A legacy can be building a business that you can hand over the keys to for future generations.

It can be founding and starting a charity that gives back to a cause close to your heart.

It can be mentoring other people to achieve the success that you have.

It can be helping other people within your business to grow their careers, internally or externally.

Your legacy is the impact that you want to have on others.

No matter the stage of your business, it’s likely that you haven’t even thought of an exit strategy yet. After all, why think about the end when the journey is just starting? Working until you are in your 70’s or even 80’s isn’t always an ideal option. It’s important to start planning now for your future.

The best strategy for you is the one that fits your business and personal goals. Whichever exit strategy you choose, you need to start working on it. Planning in advance gives you the time to do it right – and maximise your returns.

Building wealth and planning your exit strategy are big decisions to make on your own. They are decisions that should be made along with the guidance and experience from mentors that are equipped to professionally handle, advise and deal with individuals’ assets.

With such an undervalued and overlooked yet important element of any real estate business, I wanted to ensure that this topic was addressed in my MASTERMIND. With Sherrie program. Giving my attendees in this elite, high-level group, the best tools, skills and advice to ensure that they are securing the future planning and exit of their business.

If you want to hear from some incredible, business leaders, mentors, successful sports stars and inspirational people that have achieved some amazing feats as well as learn how to upgrade and up-level your business, you can apply to join ‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie or Find out more about the program here:

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