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Building Beyond Bricks: The Significance of Creating Saleable Assets in Real Estate

The concept of creating saleable assets involves crafting a sustainable business model that generates lasting value. 

It's often overlooked in the early stages of business development, but it's essential to consider building with the right structures and systems from the start, rather than piecing them together later as an afterthought.

So why should we be considering building our business as a saleable asset? Let’s explore:

Enhancing Value: Investing in your business increases your company's overall value and attractiveness to potential investors or buyers. This not only facilitates expansion opportunities but also opens avenues for lucrative liquidity events.

Strategic Market Positioning: Prioritising building your business with the structures for it to be a saleable asset enables you to carve a distinctive niche in a competitive market landscape of buyers/investors. This strategic focus appeals to those who are able to recognise and appreciate the quality, value, and finer details of your business. You want to appeal to those buyers/investors that are typically selective and have high standards when making purchasing decisions, often preferring premium or high-quality offerings, this enables you to command premium prices.

Risk Mitigation: You can build a diverse portfolio of saleable assets within your real estate business. Building different pillars, such as the two obvious ones – sales & property management – provides you with diversification in the face of market fluctuations and unforeseen challenges.

Legacy Construction: Beyond the obvious monetary gains, building a saleable asset is also about laying the groundwork for a lasting legacy.  By creating a business that lasts beyond your tenures, you can leave a lasting impact on your family, the community, and the industry at large.

Interested in discovering how to transform your business into a valuable asset with long-lasting legacy potential?

Taking place the day after AREC (28th of May), my upcoming event, LEADER, serves as the ideal follow-up, designed to inspire, educate, and elevate business leaders across all sectors of the industry. It's a gathering for sales and property management professionals, business owners, and leaders to come together and enhance their leadership skills.

We’ll dive into topics such as:

- Scaling up & building a saleable entity

- Increasing revenue & profit

- Building high performing teams

- Leadership & management skills

- Company & culture

- Recruitment & retention

And we’ve just released the insane line up of speakers… sneak peek – Antony Catalano, Executive Chairman, View Media Group & Ex-CEO AND NRL Supercoach, Wayne Bennett are just two of the exceptional leadership voices we will have joining us.

Make sure you secure your spot soon! For more information, visit

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