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Award Season is here!

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It’s the time of the year when we get to dress up and celebrate all our achievements together as an industry. Awards season is here!

It's important to add entering industry awards into your yearly plan...


Because when you are building a Celebrity Profile, award nominations are a huge part of establishing and cementing your reputation.

Award nominations and wins help you boost your credibility, nationwide. You’re now officially recognised as one of Australia’s best!

They help you showcase the calibre of the work that you do and validate it with an industry acknowledgement. It’s your chance to shine for all the hard work that you do each and every day and builds your reputation for excellence.

Even qualifying as a finalist increases your market exposure. Each event will also expose you to the PR opportunities and promotions that are involved. You're endorsed by an industry body who is bringing awareness of your business through any press that is distributed.

Any nominations and wins can be used as part of your personal marketing plan. It helps you differentiate you from your competitors and gives you some street cred with your buyers and sellers!

We all know the time and effort that is needed to build an award nomination. But the pros to your brand and your business massively outweighs the cons of the time it takes to complete.

The submission needs to be a thorough analysis of your business.

My hot tip...don’t leave it to the last minute, spend time collecting your data, shout out your achievements and wins.

The submission should be detailed enough to be able to help you benchmark yourself against your industry peers. You should be able to use it to set new goals, PB’s and use it as a reference to improve your GCI, profit and revenue.

Award nominations are not just another celebration, when you maximise their use, they will help you increases your profile and gives you access to new networking opportunities. They will help you attract quality team members to recruit and they will edify you to the industry and public.

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