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An Iconic Line Up

Since the early days of my business, I had a plan to establish and lead a Mastermind program. The vision was to create an offering that provided the attendees with all the inspiration, education, and motivation drawn from individuals who have achieved remarkable feats in their lives and businesses outside our industry.

These Rockstar speakers would then generously share the secrets behind their extraordinary accomplishments, empowering attendees to apply these insights to their own ventures.

In 2021, that vision has become a reality, and I successfully hosted the first edition of 'MASTERMIND. With Sherrie.'

As it stands to this day, it has been one of the most impactful and transformative events I've ever run.

Those attending acquired a diverse set of skills, ranging from establishing a financial legacy and navigating business challenges to fostering and leading high-performing teams, discovering personal motivation, and much more!

Now, applications for the 2024 'MASTERMIND. With Sherrie' are open, and I'm thrilled to unveil this year's line-up of Rockstar keynote speakers!

If you're eager to gain access to high-level wisdom and strategies for growing your business and building your best life, 'MASTERMIND. With Sherrie' in 2024 is the place to be!

Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice & Shark Tanker

Topic | Boost Your Business

Janine founded Boost Juice Bars, a global giant with 500+ stores in 14 countries. Her mission? To revolutionize retailing with a "love life" philosophy, enhancing customer experiences and promoting a healthier diet with over 2 million smoothies or juices sold monthly.

She is also a Director of Retail Zoo—home to Salsas, CIBO, Betty’s Burgers & CONCRETE CO— which includes an additional 600+ stores and nearly 7000 employees!

Awards? Janine has earned numerous, including Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Amex Retailer of the Year, Exporter of the Year, and BRW recognition for changing Australia's business landscape.

A Shark on Channel TEN’s Shark Tank, a Survivor champion, and co-host of the podcast “Superwomen we ain’t,” Janine embodies a leadership style that is natural, warm, giving, and demanding—cultivating a high-performance culture with remarkable results.

Danny Green, World Title Holder Boxing Champion

Topic | Build Your Best Life

From Commonwealth Games to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Green's journey showcases grit and determination. Emerging from Perth's Scarborough beach, he transformed his boyhood dream into reality, becoming a celebrated fighter with a 36-5 (28 KO's) record, he became a central figure in one of Australia's most iconic sports rivalries, settling a 17-year feud with Anthony Mundine in a decisive points decision.

Beyond the ring, Danny Green is a symbol of compassion and community engagement. Renowned for his philanthropy and dedication to fans, he's earned respect not just for his punches but for a heart as substantial as his hits.

In the last five years, Green shifted his focus to the Cowards Punch Campaign, a self-funded anti-violence initiative. Aiming to curb senseless attacks, his tireless efforts and media prominence have turned him into a go-to figure for serious incidents. Danny's commitment to the campaign surpasses his boxing legacy, with predictions that his impact on the community will transcend the ring.

Amid triumphs, despair, and unwavering resilience, Danny Green's story is one of inspiration. Join us at the 2024 MASTERMIND. with Sherrie to hear firsthand how he built his extraordinary life.

Colleen Callander, Former CEO of Sportsgirl & Sussan.

Topic | Leadership by Design

With a stellar career spanning over three decades, Colleen has honed her leadership prowess, cultivating award-winning cultures and brand empires.

Embarking on her retail journey at the tender age of 16, little did Colleen know that her summer job would set the stage for a remarkable career. At 'MASTERMIND. with Sherrie,' she'll unravel the tapestry of her 13 years at the helm of two Australian fashion icons, Sportsgirl and Sussan.

Colleen is a highly respected influential leader and encourages organisations and leaders globally - to change the rules, lead with kindness and authenticity, put people at the heart of everything they do, and be the game changers for not only this generation but future generations.

With a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in building brands, establishing winning cultures and creating environments that allow people to be inspired, empowered and shine, the 2024 MASTERMINDERS will be inspired and empowered by Colleen in her keynote on Leadership by Design.

Peter Ritchie, Ex-Chief Executive of McDonald’s and Australia’s First Employee.

Topic | Building an Empire

With a career steeped in innovation and leadership, In 1970, Peter was approached by and became the pioneer of McDonald's Australia, venturing to the United States for training and becoming the first employee outside North America. Throughout the 70s and 80s, he played a pivotal role in every facet of the company's development—from establishing raw product suppliers to orchestrating the construction of new stores and developing comprehensive training programs.

Under Peter's stewardship as Chief Executive, McDonald's Australia flourished, expanding to over 500 stores and employing 50,000 individuals. His influence extended globally as a Board Member of the US parent company, McDonald’s Corporation, contributing to the establishment of McDonald's in key Asian and Pacific countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

After 25 years of transformative leadership, he retired from his executive role, transitioning to non-executive Chairman of the Board from 1995 until 2001. Peter's impact also resonates beyond McDonald's, as he served on the Boards of esteemed companies such as Westpac, Seven Group Holdings, Mortgage Choice Limited, and Golf Australia.

Join us at 'MASTERMIND. with Sherrie' as Peter Ritchie takes centre stage to share insights on "Building an Empire."

Nicole Livingstone, Former Olympian and CEO of Women’s Football (AFLW)

Topic | Balancing Enjoyment, Commitment & Success

In the realm of sports excellence, Nicole's journey began as a champion in the Australian Olympic swim team. Today, she stands as a recognised face on television, serving as an expert commentator on the global sporting landscape and advocating for crucial women's health issues.

As the CEO of AFL Women's Football, Nicole made history as the first woman to lead the sport. Her presence extends beyond the boardroom, with sports segments on Channel Ten and regular guest appearances on The Project. You might have caught her dynamic commentary at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games or witnessed her hosting 'Wide World of Sports.'

Nicole's international sporting career spans an impressive 12 years, marked by achievements such as three Olympic medals, six gold, two silver, and a bronze from three Commonwealth Games, and a unique distinction as the only Australian swimmer to compete in six successive Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, securing four gold, two silver, and one bronze medal. In 1992, she even broke a world record in the 200m backstroke.

Her legacy in the swimming world includes an unmatched record of ten consecutive 100m backstroke titles at the national level, a feat still unbroken today.

Jellaine Dee, Powerhouse Business Builder

Topic | Resilience in Business

Jellaine Dee is an extraordinary entrepreneur and businesswoman who has made a significant impact in the beauty industry. As the powerhouse behind a global beauty empire, Jellaine's journey from humble beginnings to multimillion-dollar success is nothing short of inspiring.

From humble beginnings in Brisbane's market stalls, Jellaine's entrepreneurial spirit catapulted her into the realms of a global beauty empire, achieving multimillion-dollar success in just a few short years. Her strategic brilliance and unyielding determination led to prestigious partnerships with renowned department stores and TV shopping networks across the US, UK, and EU.

But Jellaine's story is not just about business success. Behind her achievements lies a remarkable personal journey that shaped her into the resilient and compassionate leader she is today

Jellaine story is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and leadership, proving that with the right mindset, anything is possible. She will take the stage to explore the themes of Resilience and Scaling Up, drawing from her remarkable experiences as an entrepreneur and business luminary in the beauty industry.

We have some truly incredible keynote speakers contributing to this years ‘MASTERMIND. With Sherrie’ and I would love for you to join us!

You can find out more and submit your application here:

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