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A pop of colour

Sherrie Storor

Have you ever observed how often we as an industry wear all black A LOT of the time?

When we switch on work mode, we default into wearing a uniform of black.

When and why do you think it has become our signature uniform?

Did you know in colour psychology black equates to power and control? A colour that is known to represent holding on to information and things of value and not sharing it with others.

Black can be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable. It radiates authority, but with that, it can create fear as well.

Is that the image that we want to be impressing on our potential sellers and buyers?

With all of that in mind, why is it that our go-to work uniform seems to be all black?!

When it comes to clothing, interestingly enough, black has been ranked as the number one favourite colour for both genders combined.

I’m not here to deny it either. I love wearing it. It’s slimming! Ha!

What I’m not trying to do here is dictate to you what to wear.

What I’m asking is why are you blending in when you can stand out?

Is it time to add your own pop of colour and your own personality to what you wear?

After all, we are all pretty incredible unique individuals, isn’t it time that we started showing that off instead of being the same?

So, tomorrow, if you were to add something to your “work uniform” what would your signature be?

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