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2020 - The year of pivoting, embracing innovation and tech.

Sherrie Storor

2020 has, so far, been a year about learning how to do things differently.

We’ve had to reinvent and pivot the way we do things in our businesses. We’ve had to befriend disruption and embrace technology faster than ever before.

We’ve had to look at new ways of doing things.

In the past, I’ve spoken about how as a whole, our industry has been a ‘late adapting’ industry. We’ve in a way been stuck in back in the ’80s. Still doing things how we’ve done them or been taught to do them because it’s always been done that way.

2020 has forced us to do things differently. We’ve embraced new ways of marketing properties; we’ve found new ways to prospect and we’ve changed the way we sell properties. Case in example is how quickly we adapted to showing properties via video walkthroughs or how auctions were moved online.

While it’s been an extremely difficult and stressful time for all, it’s actually made our industry let go of ‘our’ way of doing things and embrace changing consumer behaviours. Becoming more agile in our businesses and embracing tech to reach our vendors, buyers, tenants and landlords is bringing our businesses into alignment with where today’s consumer behaviours are.

If there is one thing, I feel our industry has learnt over the past 6 months is that those who have pivoted, changed and adapted have had businesses that have had continued success in this period. Those that are meeting the new ever-evolving expectations of their customers, meeting their needs and values and evolving early are even having the best years in their businesses.


ake my coaching clients. In the past two weeks, I’ve been conducting end of year wrap’s and setting new financial year goals with them all. Each and every one of them has hit and exceeded targets and goals that they set and that they didn’t think they would at the beginning of the disruption this year. How and why? They had all worked hard to set up and structure their businesses to be agile. This allowed them to be able to have room to move in times of disruption, implement new ideas and evolve with their clients.

We’ve worked on how they can provide value for their clients. And not just what we assume is value for their clients. They’ve worked HARD to find out what their clients truly value, what it means to them and how they can provide it. Think in terms of the information that you are providing to help educate them, how easy you are making doing business for them, how you can help them achieve an exceptional outcome.

So, what do your clients value and are you providing them with it each step along their journey? How have you embraced new tech to help your clients in 2020? What are you doing differently?

If you’d like to hear from an expert in innovation, disruption and technology, this week I spoke to Clay Howes, Founder and CEO of ListReady. Clay’s business not only provides a product that will help your clients fund VPA or home improvements that can help them achieve a higher sale value. BUT he also runs a business that is value-based and has the agility to pivot quickly to meet their customer’s needs. You can listen in to episode #16 on your favourite podcast channel below:

If you are looking for ‘more’, sign up the #BuildYourBestiIfe Coaching Program and reboot your 2020 here:

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