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S2: EP24 | Juggling Work-Life Harmony with Nick Bordin

Work-life harmony is that perfect balance of working hard and playing hard,

whether that be time with family, for hobbies, or to relax and take a moment. 


Why are we doing this if we can't find that balance?

In this episode, I talk with Nick Bordin, 

co-owner and selling principal of Elders Lennox Heads and Elders Bangalow.


In addition to managing 26 people, having four children, running an EBU, and writing 2.4m in GCI, Nick also surpassed the most challenging year of his life. 

His story will uplift you and push you to rethink your values in life. 


In this episode, Nick shares...

  • His journey from assisting and selling with some of Australia's high-performing agents to running his businesses in the Northern NSW region.

  • The importance of training a large team.

  • The strategy behind sustaining 72% market share despite being only four years in the region.

  • His future goals for his EBU and business. 

  • Overcoming family tragedy and rebuilding his life while running a large team.

It's time to remember what you're working for and not miss the precious moments life has to offer.  

Don't miss Nick's incredible story!

Listen to the episode here!

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