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S2: EP20 | Finish the year off strong!

Finish 2022 with a bang!  

And set your business up for EPIC growth in 2023! 


I encourage you to be an Agent of Change.  

Be open to new ways,

new technologies and new methods of marketing your properties.


In this episode, I will let you into my black book of secrets and share how you can revolutionise the way you work; POWER UP your 2023 and have the best year in your sales career EVER! 

Time to think about...

  • How your marketplace sees you.

  • Reassess how you have operated in the last 12 months.

  • What systems you need to implement to achieve the ultimate performance in 2023?

  • How to perform a digital analysis of your online presence and build a celebrity profile.

If you’re a career agent writing the exact figures year after year with no real growth, or you’re writing the significant figures, but costs are super high and not profitable.

Today, everything is going to change!

Listen to the episode here!

The Million Dollar Agent Course

If your search for systems and structures to help you build a strong real estate business, find out more and sign up here.

Get your freebie!

51 Point Checklist

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