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Are you ready to be the best of the best? 

Then listen up because today I'm taking you through the very best of the Build Your Best Life podcast. In preparation for season two, well looking back at the very best interviews from my previous guests, who are of course the thought leaders, the selling principles, high-performing lead agents, and of course my coaching clients. 

To warm you up for #BYBL Season Two I'm going back to listen to the best bits of season one with a two-part best of episodes. In this episode, I recap Craig Lea, Jamie Harrison and Melita Bell's true success stories and how they've overcome challenges, and physical and mental obstacles to become real estate craftsmen and the best in the industry. 


Tune in today to hear us talking about:

  • Craig Lea's astronomical growth over the past 2 years.
  • Jamie Harrison's transition into prestige property sales.
  • Melita Bell's honest confessions on the sacrifices she made and why she slowed down to speed up.

So If you’re new to this podcast and an agent or selling principal and you’re looking to take your real estate business up a level, grow a team or build a successful agency then this episode is for you!

Listen to the episode here!

Episode length 56 minutes.

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