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 Ep. 4 |  Building a Celebrity Profile with reality TV stars and career agents Jesse Raeburn, Nikki Gogan + Eoghan Murphy.


Have you ever wondered if becoming a reality TV star would be good for your real estate business? If you were offered the opportunity to appear on a reality tv show what would you do? Would you jump at the challenge?  And how would you capitalise on it afterwards?


Today I interview three career agents that have been presented with this exact opportunity and took the plunge! Jesse Raeburn from the Agency appeared on The Block with his girlfriend Mel, Nikki Gogan from Caporn Young appeared on Riche’s season of The Bachelor & fresh off the reality tv campaign trail we have Eoghan Murphy from Kollosche, who appeared in the recent season of Love Island!

In today’s episode, I find out all the gossip. We talk about all their individual experiences, the highs, the lows, why they decided to do it, how it’s impacted their real estate careers and businesses and what they got out of it!


We also talk about:

  • If being a reality tv star positively impacted their business.

  • Choosing the life of a reality tv star or a career agent.

  • How they have capitalised on the opportunity

  • How they had to surrender control of how they were portrayed.

  • What motivated them to shake things up and go onto a reality show.

  • What life is like on the other side and would they do it again.

  • The challenges faced while filming.


If you’re looking for unique ways to build your own celebrity profile or just love a bit of reality tv goss, this is the episode for you!


Episode length 1hr 37 minutes.


You can download a copy of the full transcript here.

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Connect with Jesse Raeburn.


Connect with Nikki Gogan.

Connect with Eoghan Murphy.

People mentioned:

Jessi Nugent, Gold Coast Property Sales and Rentals.
Tina Nenadic, Gold Coast Property Sales and Rentals.

Michael Kollosche, Kollosche.

Jamie Harrison, Kollosche.
Steve Hill, First National Hollett & Lawrance
Stephanie Dobro, White House Property Partners.
James Tostevin, Marshall White.
Sophie Monk, Actress and Entertainer.
Julian Cress, The Block

Courtney & Hans, The Block
Rose & Yvette, Former owners of the Gatwick
Marty Fox, White Fox

Matt & Elyse, The Block

Agencies mentioned:
Sotheby's International Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Property Sales and Rentals.
Kollosche Real Estate.
First National, Northam.
Caporn Young.
Wilson Agents.

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