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Ep. 24 | The journey in becoming a real estate CEO with Sherry Chris.


Have you ever wondered how BIG your dreams could be for your real estate career? Have you aspired to climb the career ladder, to inspire and lead the industry from a high-level management role? Have you ever wanted to work for large real estate corporations, helping to grow existing and build new brands?


In today’s episode, I have a super special international guest. She is not only an industry thought leader, but also the President and CEO of the Realogy Expansion Brand Portfolio, the one and only Sherry Chris.


We talk all about:

  • Sherry’s definition of leadership and the characteristics they should have.

  • How Sherry’s career started and took off!

  • How embracing social media, in the beginning, resulting in massive growth in the brand and Sherry’s personal profile.

  • How diversifying her skills and joining advisory boards allows Sherry to use her skills to give back to people in need.

  • How Sherry maintains her longevity at Realogy and why she remains passionate about the company.

  • And so much more.


If you’d like to hear all about Sherry’s journey and how she forged her path, then tune in to today’s episode!


Episode length 75 minutes.

You can download a copy of the full transcript here.

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Connect with Sherry here:


People mentioned:
Michael Kollosche, Director, Kollosche

Ashy Bines, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Ashy Bines Group

Corey Bedford, Sales Associate, Kollosche

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