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Ep. 1 | A step by step guide to effectively sell properties off-market + convert your current listings to sales + become an expert in multiple offers.


I’m super excited as the ‘Build Your Best Life’ Podcast is here!

Launching this podcast is something that I've been super excited about and been personally working on for three years. My vision is to give quality content to agents all around Australia and New Zealand for free! All the interviews I’ve conducted throughout the series have been hand-picked to provide you with real-life, relatable experiences from agents, who are just like you, have gained massive market share and traction and built the businesses of their dreams. You'll also hear from thought leaders, international guests, guests from industries that assist ours and even a few celebrities! I'll also be sharing with you industry tips that will help you actively change and level up your business.


In episode one, I give you some insight into what you can expect from the podcast and talk all about how you can create FOMO (the fear of missing out) and competition amongst your buyers in the current COVID-19 impacted marketplace and that can be integrated into the marketplace when it normalises.

Tune in to get a step by step, how-to guide to:

  • Sell properties off-market.

  • Convert your current Listings to Sales.

  • Become an expert in Multiple Offer Scenarios and create lifetime clients.

I also talk about:

  • How you can optimise your off-market listings.

  • What you can do to work your properties currently on the market.

  • How to create FOMO around your listings.

  • How to maximise your database.

  • How to use social media in this period.

If you want to learn all the tactics and strategies that I’ve used to get me through difficult markets, this is the episode for you.

Episode length 19.59 minutes.


You can download a copy of the full transcript here.

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My 51-Point Checklist:

This is a step-by-step 51-point checklist that takes you through going from off-market to on market to exchanged to settled to sold. Get my step-by-step process to follow from social media, managing your CRM, working your pipeline sellers, letterbox drop emails to text messages and videos to send. This will help you build your stock list even in this challenging time. You can download it for free from here. 

My FREE Webinar Series:

Last year I partnered with RateMyAgent on a 3-part webinar series designed to bring my courses to agents all over Australia. During this difficult climate, I want to support and give back to an industry that I love and that means so much to me so I’m releasing the entire series for free!
You’ll get access to these three training courses:
Week 1: Build a Celebrity Profile - Become the ULTIMATE Real Estate Agent
Week 2: Find your EDGE walk away with a killer listing presentation.
Week 3: Be a Social Climber - Social Media Strategies to List and Sell Properties.
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The #BuildYourBestLife Coaching Program + Success Manual:

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