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Events  /  POWER UP your 2021! - ON DEMAND

If you missed out on attending my 'POWER UP your 2021!' event live, you can now watch it ON DEMAND!

2020 was about making moves to survive. It's now time to get back on track...

Power up your 2021 by getting the short cuts to have the best sales year of your real estate career, EVER.

Watch to learn:

  • How to implement the right systems and processes for you, that when followed will lead to success.

  • How to action my proven system, designed to build solid foundations for your business. I’ve worked hard perfecting this since 2012, both throughout my career AND refining it even further with my coaching clients.

  • How to use my monthly, weekly and accountability templates.

  • What your business must-have's are, to list and sell more properties AND get more leads.

  • How to revisit and learn from 2020 and set your goals for the year ahead.

  • Which calls to make to get traction in your business fast.

  • How to prioritise your workload​, to make your business more dollar productive.

  • How designing your ideal week​ can help you structure and systemise your business for success AND give you more time back.

  • How you can get your social and digital media organised and build a Celebrity Profile.

  • How to organise your buyer and seller lists, pipeline sellers lists, hot buyer lists and change over lists to help you level up and make more sales!

Register for your access to 'POWER UP your 2021' ON DEMAND!
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