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Working your database.

One of the most valuable assets that a real estate agent owns is their database.

Every person you come across in your day to day activities as a real estate agent should be entered into to your database.

It’s such a rich resource of valuable information for us to use, it’s free and can help you find prospects.

Working your database is twofold.

Firstly, the collection of data… it’s imperative that this is established properly!

If you are not fully capturing client information in your interactions, it is worthless.

Simply put, the more information you can capture, the more valuable it is to you when you segment it down the track.

Secondly, using your database.

Your database is a powerful tool when used effectively. Use it to organise, segment and streamline your communications.

Have you fallen into the habit of just collecting data and not engaging them?

Are you sending regular communications out to your database?

Each communication that is sent should be segmented to the needs of your audience.

For example. what is the point in sending a first-time home buyer looking for a 1-bedroom unit, the same properties as a high-income investor?

Branding? Getting your name out there to everyone?

Think of your own personal email and how annoying it is to receive bulk emails that are unrelated to you.

Spam your whole database with the same email and you’ll drive prospects away and create a negative association with your brand.

Clearly not the best use of your data.

Make sure that you are segmenting your database to deliver the right communication to the right audience. Consumers are becoming intolerant of emails that are not in their interest or relevant to them. You want your audience to respond and engage with your marketing!

Don’t just restrict yourself to the traditional means of email marketing and follow up calls with your database.

Do you have educated buyers who follow you on social?

Are you letting them know about pre-release opportunities as well?

Connect with your database in fresh ways by combining it with your social media strategy.

Posts on social can not only reach thousands of prospective buyer and sellers, with the right social media strategy and plan you can reach those who have visited your listings on your website or who are listed on your database.

An agent with a strong online presence has a greater exposure than those that don’t.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

If you set up your database correctly from the beginning, collect clean data and enter it correctly, working your database can very quickly become an automated task.

But you must spend the time setting it up correctly to really reap the rewards and see it for the valuable asset it truly is.

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