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What does being a MILLION DOLLAR AGENT mean?

To me, being a million-dollar agent doesn’t necessarily equate to just having millions in the bank, there is a lot more to it than that.

It’s about what a million-dollar lifestyle looks and feels like to YOU as the individual.

Reaching the million-dollar mark is more about what you want to be able to do in life, what lifestyle you want to live, or how you want to provide for your family and still have the time and space away from work to enjoy it.

To live the ideal life, some agents don't need to earn a million dollars. Some agents strive to increase their income by doubling or tripling it!

It's about earning an income that matches your values, beliefs and helps you build your dream lifestyle.

It’s why I named my online course ‘MILLION DOLLAR AGENT’.

It allows me to help agents build successful, sustainable, healthy and profitable careers to reach their own definition of what a million-dollar status is.

AND I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that the doors are now open until MIDNIGHT 16th December.

Featuring 9 modules, my self-paced online course will teach you how to put systems and processes in place to truly level up your game. It will help you (finally) get the edge over the competition and become a modern-day, million-dollar agent.

In the course you will learn about:

1. THE ULTIMATE AGENT – Why you need to be #1.

2. GOALS – A 90-day plan set to turn those dreams into reality.

3. PROSPECTING – Prospecting for clients without a cold call in sight.

4. LISTING PRESENTATION – How to close it. Every. Single. Time.

5. HANDLING ENQUIRIES – From clients to fast fans.

6. MARKETING – Selling properties and building your brand.

7. OFI’s – Preparing and conducting the perfect open home.

8. NEGOTIATION – Navigating the upper hand – always be closing.

9. CONVERTING YOUR SALES INTO LIFETIME CLIENTS – Your standard operating procedure to guarantee repeat business.

You’ll learn how you can work smarter, not harder and step well away from all the hustle and grind so you can reclaim your time and take your business into MILLION DOLLAR status and beyond!

So, if you’re ready to unleash your true potential, land those listings, navigate the industry, and start creating your own version of million dollar status, find out more here:

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