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Uncomplicating and embracing digital for your real estate business.

We are extremely lucky within our industry regarding how much tech is available to us to use in our real estate businesses. We have available to us tech designed to simplify and streamline our businesses, work our data, automate our communications, fund our VPA and manage conversations. There is so much out there, ready to be embraced. It can help us be better, do better, go faster and do more.

However, with so much available, often overwhelm can come with it. Knowing what to use and where to start can be complex and time-consuming.

So, where do you start when embracing becoming a digital agent? Let’s start with the basics…

Maximising your listings on the online portals.

Are you working your listings to their full potential? It’s no longer just about advertising your properties on the property portals. You need to make them stand out. For all of your properties, for sale or for rent. Low range, middle range or high range. You need to have exceptional photography, videos and virtual tours for ALL of them. Look at your online listing as the ‘first inspection’. You must impress potential buyers enough that they want a ‘second inspection’ or real-life inspection at the property.

Reaching the passive buyer.

Listings on the portals capture the active buyer. But how are you reaching one that is passively looking? Are you working social media to its full potential? Share your knowledge and advice about the buying process, selling process, local market. Anything that is of interest to your ideal client. Be an education resource.

Use social media ads and lead capture pages to reach more potential buyers and generate new business. Social media gives you the opportunity to go out and reach people that may not actively be using the portals but that may be interested in buying, selling, renting or leasing property. If you’re actively running social media pages and are using social media ads, you need to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. The pixel captures any consumers that visit website giving you the opportunity to retarget them! Powerful stuff!

Capturing and maximising your data.

We’ve been collecting data for the longest time as an industry. But are you maximising the use and engaging with all that highly valuable data?

Did you know that you can upload your database into Facebook and create audiences that you can send targeted ads too? You can grow your LinkedIn connections by importing that database as well!

If you’re not engaging regularly with your database, now is the time to nurture them. If you don't have a newsletter that you’re emailing out on a weekly basis, it is time to level up. Go and put it on your to-do list stat! For it to be beneficial to you, you need to provide value and service to your buyer and seller. Provide them with educational, informative real estate tips and market information. Selling to them is secondary here.

Rock star CRMs. So you can capture and effectively use your data, make sure that you have a Rockstar CRM and database manager. It will help you provide a better and more consistent level of service to your clients. It will have built into it your systems and sales process, give you the ability to notify you when to keep in touch with and who to reach out too on your database and will keep you accountable to following up.

Communicating with your database.

Constant communication is key in relationship building. And what better way of keeping in touch than using tech to help you do so.

You should be sending out SMS in bulk, letting people know about properties that are being listed or about those that have sold before they see it elsewhere. Communicate with your vendors and buyer via videos, text messages, WhatsApp. Whatever platform they are on, meet them there.

In our industry, it is imperative that we do better, be better, get faster, be more productive and more profitable. We need to be consistently on the move of improving ourselves and our businesses. We need to keep up with what consumers, buyers, and sellers are looking for and how they want to do business. Tech is here to help make it easier for you to meet a client where they expect you to be.

If you would like to hear more about how you can implement and embrace tech in our industry, tune in to Episode #21 of the Build Your Best Life Podcast when I dive deeper into this topic! You can find the episodes on your favourite podcast medium:

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