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The Quickest Way to Grow Your Real Estate Business

With the multitude of tasks that we are required to do as real estate agents, it can be difficult to prioritise what needs to be done and when.

But if you want to build traction in your business quickly, get more listings, and sell more properties, there are two very important dollar productive strategies that you can implement in your business.

If you don’t already have a system and structure in place for selling your listings, there has never been a better time than right now to start.

The first strategy is to work listing that are currently on the market.

There are often mixed feelings when targeting listings on the market with other agents. When I was on the tools and selling, I always viewed it as professional behaviour when other agents and competitors targeted my listings.

It’s not personal, it’s business as long as you behave in an ethical manner. That includes not targeting listings from agents in your office or franchises.

When other agents targeted my listings, it also ensured that I was excelling in my skill set and services. If my vendors were happy with what I was providing them, there would be no reason to be talking to another agent!

The second strategy to implement is to use your current listings and results and leverage this information with your marketplace.

You have valuable information throughout the sales process that you can share with your marketplace to educate, inform and build your profile for each and every listing.

Instead of keeping it to yourself, leveraging your listings and sales is about sharing this information to potential future vendors to put you in first place for when they are ready to list and sell their home.

You work your listings from off-market, just listed to launching online. Through the campaign in the lead up to the auction, going under contract and through to settlement.

You are keeping the market interested, informed and reengaging buyers that may have lost interest at the same time.

With both these strategies in play, it’ only takes one property to change your quarter, your year and you career.

Want to hear more?

In episode six of my podcast ‘Build Your Best Life’, I interview two of my 1:1 coaching clients,

Brittany & Eiles Hunt, the owners of RE/MAS Revolution Shailer Park.

In this episode you’ll hear how by following the two strategies mentioned above they went from ‘zero to hero’, starting with no properties, leveraging the listings they had and going on to sell over 100 properties in just 12 months.

You can listen into their incredible story here:

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