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The biggest wins I've had in my first three years of business.

The first three years have been an exhilarating and wild experience!

To say that I have learnt a lot is a massive understatement.

Whilst I have owned and run successful businesses in the past, stepping into coaching opened a whole new door of new learning experiences.

Most of the personal growth I’ve had has been venturing into new business experiences and just figuring it all out.

The ‘Women in Real Estate Business Breakfast Series’ has been a new challenge every year I throw it. Events are HARD work. Many sleepless nights, logistic nightmares, presenters cancelling last minute, no-shows on photographers and videographers. The list goes on!

Even thorough all the challenges I’ve had growing the series to a national event, every bit of it has been worthwhile because of the connections with other like-minded people we get to make within our industry.

Learning how to use the tech behind webinar platforms, choosing the right provider, learning how to host, run and manage behind the scenes and all the marketing involved for attendees has been a learning curve I’ve embraced. Prior to launching my coaching career, I’d never even hosted a webinar! Now I run workshop series and host monthly webinars for my Coaching Program attendees!

Throughout my career as a real estate agent, I was always on the hunt for the perfect diary that would meet all my needs as a real estate agent. I couldn’t find one! So, I used to print out customised pages and bind them myself. It was a constantly evolving project that I perfected over time. Seeing as I had such success with it, I wanted to turn it into a copy that everyone could have. That started my journey into building, designing and producing my Success Manual. I had no idea how much was involved! Not just in design work and copywriting but all the way through to the production of the manual. It was a huge process that took many months to find the right Australian based producer and distributor! All the manuals are hand stitched; the monogramming is manually done! So much of it is a very manual process!

Launching the ‘Build You Best Life’ podcast this year was another HUGE challenge that we dove into. Behind the scenes of a podcast, there is a huge amount of work. From preparing and researching content, organising interviews, marketing and advertising, sponsorships and all the way through to podcast production and the tech side of podcast. It’s been a learning experience I’ve loved as it allows me to connect and help even more of you.

Each of these three “new adventures” that while they threw plenty of challenges at me, have had so much positive impact to my business that I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

There is so much to learn in your first three years in a new business. Having moved from a real estate business I had working like a well-oiled machine and that had all its systems and structures built into place. I stepped into a new career path with a blank slate. Alongside learning new skills, it’s been a focus to put operational systems and structures into place as we are going. Just like I have my clients doing, I use the same methods in my coaching business to structure and systemise it!

If anything, the importance of having these systems and structures in ANY business in place has been proven! Without them, I would be a hot mess!

I’ve heard a saying about how the first years in business are like riding a merry-go-round. It’s a lot of fun, but some “horses” take you up, others take you down. But you must stay on the ride if you want to succeed.

After three years of riding the ups and downs of a new business and with the year we have all had… the blood, sweat and tears that have been put into play has come together.

With a completely booked out coaching roster for the remainder of the year and a waiting list filling for 2021, all the hard work has come into fruition!

To those that are still in the throes of challenges, keep riding the merry-go-round! All your hard work will get you to where you want to be if you remain focussed!

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