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Our Brisbane Breakfast Series Highlights!

At the 2019 Women in Real Estate Business Breakfast Series in Brisbane, our speakers went head to head discussing the hot topics of our industry.

With such an incredible panel of experience and expertise, these were some of our key take-outs:

Regional vs Metro agent. The Pros, The Cons and everything in between. Who does it better?

“We all need to aim to be the best agent we can possibly be no matter our region. So go out and do live your best life!!” - Karen Chant, Bob Berry Real Estate

“Whether you service metro or regional areas - you are doing amazing things.” - Sonya Treloar, Ray White Bridgeman Downs

Do you need to own a rent roll as a business owner to run a successful and profitable agency?

“In ten years’ time, the number of people renting will outweigh those that own… think about that. Have a future mindset, so you don’t get left behind”. - Dee A’Bear,

“A rent roll can help you weather the ebbs and flows of the industry. It’s an asset you can grow and it’s something that can be a commodity you can sell down the line.” - Emily - Jane Megraw, LJ Hooker Nerang

How can we create more female principals and increase women in high-level management positions and on boards? Should we enforce quotas?

“I quite firming believe women are better than this at every stage of real estate than men. I think the important part of that is that we have embraced flexibility more than ever before. Technology has helped that.” - John Cunningham, Cunninghams Real Estate

“Women are more empathetic and have so much more to offer to communities and they create AMAZING communities. I am in awe of what you can all do.” - Andrew Coronis, Coronis Group

Maternity leave for male and female sales agents and the return to the workforce after a child is born.

“Encourage the conversation. As an employer step up and be supportive. Be proactive and plan how you are going to communicate it to clients. A conversation about planning for maternity leave is perfectly okay to have. Let’s normalise it. Working mothers are a normal thing. It’s making sure that the businesses catch up to the conversations.” - Suzannah Toop, Toop&Toop

“One of my most successful agents had her best year in real estate when pregnant. I asked her what helped her with that success, and she said planning. She managed that process because of the support around her. She also made her own rules. You can design this any way you want.” – Dane Atherton, Harcourts Coastal.

The Challenge is on Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. I can’t wait for you to hear the topics the panel discusses in the rest of the series!

Don’t miss out, get your tickets NOW:

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