Getting ‘unstuck’ in your real estate career.

2020 has brought with it plenty of challenges. With things being turned upside down we’ve had to move faster than we ever had before.

In a challenging market, it’s easy to feel like you’ve become stuck. Whether it’s from having listings that you can’t move or working in a market that has tightened up, going back to basics and putting together a 90-day plan can help get your vision clear again and get everything back into a flow state.

If you are finding yourself with a full stock list but nothing is moving, it’s time to do a review.

Spring clean your list and go through everything. Does the property marketing need an update? Can you refresh the photos, get new ones, add a video, update the copy? Is there anything missing from the listing that can be added to help sell the property. Can you switch any properties from private treaty sale to auction? And be prepared to have some serious conversations with your vendors about price expectations if you need too.