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2023, Your Year of Growth in Your Real Estate Biz

No matter where you are in your real estate career, you should have a plan in place to gradually build your business to attract long term clients, generate sustainable revenue, and provide you with freedom to achieve any business and personal goals you have set.

There are two methods that I recommend focusing on first as part of establishing yourself in your market.

They are: ✔️ Raising your profile ✔️ Leveraging your listings and sales Raising your profile – Building a Celebrity Profile Building a celebrity profile in your marketplace can accelerate the success of your business. Creating a celebrity profile IS one of the most impactful things you can do as a real estate agent and as an agency.

When building your celebrity profile, you need to:

  • Create your own personal brand – define who you are and what you want to represent in your market

  • Set up your digital profiles to attract attention and ensure that you keep them up to date

  • Build a print profile in your local publications

  • Dominate the letterboxes in your farming area

  • Build relationships within your community

  • Making sure that you are appearing everywhere!

Get this right and you’ll do less cold calling and more warm/hot calls.

Leveraging your listings. Leveraging your listings and sales is one of the most important strategies you should have in your tool belt.

One of the most impactful things that you can implement into your business is a process to communicate and share information with your marketplace. This will help educate, inform and keep them up to date with what is occurring in their neighbourhood.

As agents, we have volumes of information at our fingertips that we can share, however the most effective way to stand out is by leveraging our listings and sales.

Create a process that informs the marketplace through every step of the sale process:

  • Just Listed

  • Launched

  • Auction

  • Price change

  • Under contract

  • Unconditional

  • Sold

Want more in-depth insight on how to grow your revenue but manage to sustain your income for 2023?

In this week's episode of my 'Build Your Best Life' podcast, I sat down with Melinda Kirby, Lead agent of Ray White Rockhampton and Leanne Druery, Re/Max Results Mackay. These two award-winning sales powerhouses have built brands that attract long-term clients and generate sustainable revenue through set systems and structures.

We talk all about the strategies they have implemented into their businesses, enabling them to reach the heights they have in their careers.

If 2023 is your year for growth, grab a pen and paper and tune in here:

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