Ep. 2 |  How to drop the nerves and win at auction with Thomas McGlynn + Justin Nickerson.

Wondering if auctions work in your marketplace or do you just want to level up and learn how to create more FOMO amongst your buyers?


Today we are joined by two amazing auctioneers – Thomas McGlynn, Director of Sales and Chief Auctioneer with The Agency and Justin Nickerson, CEO & head auctioneer at Apollo Auctions to discuss how to drop the nerves and win at auctions for you, the buyer & the sellers - 100% of the time.

 Thomas and Justin take us on a journey through their careers from how they met,​ worked together and have supported each other through each stage of their careers. We broke down an auction strategy and found out from these two top performers how you can run a successful auction campaign, every time.

We also talk about:

  • How Auctions can work in different marketplaces

  • What skills to look out for in a good auctioneer

  • How to step outside your comfort zone

  • How to create FOMO at an auction

  • How to manage your buyers and sellers before an auction


You can download a copy of the full transcript here

Connect with Thomas McGlynn


Connect with Justin Nickerson



People mentioned:
Jason Andrew
Brad Gillespie, The Agency
Ben Collier, The Agency
Jenna Dunley, LJ Hooker Kippax
Matt LaHood, The Agency
Geoff Lucas, McGrath
John McGrath, McGrath
Dane Atherton, Harcourts Coastal.

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